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Facebook Will Take Every Opportunity to Reach Down and Suck Up All Your Personal Data

I cannot help it.

I have tried (somewhat, well rather tepidly) to embrace the Facebook fervor (because <scarequote>Everyone is there</scarequote>). I do not begrudge all the time people spend there (well I do a little).

It’s my instincts that keeps my fur up, and a faint acrid foul smell that I detect.

Facebook seems like Augustus Gloop as it just keeps sucking up more and more of the internet inside the blue wall from which no other web service can ever see again.

Like this.

On the Facebook iPhone app is an innocuous labeled “Sync”. What does it sync? Well I peeked.

It says:

Add Facebook profile pictured and links to contacts

That seems reasonable- I can get people’s pictures in my iPhone contacts, not super critical, but it sounds reasonable.

What you likely miss noting on this screen is the bi0directional arrow between MY contacts and the mysterous blue shadow profile Facebook monster:


At least there is a warning:

It’s more that all your contacts “will be subject to Facebook’s Privacy Policy” – Why the Frack is Facebook sucking in all my contact data?

Read it again.

All contacts from your device (name, email address, phone number) will be sent to Facebook.

I am usually the last one to get torqued over giving up my data on the net- but this is a different case- I am agreeing to give up all the contact data for people who do not know I am doing this. It is insane and everyone keeps liking and granting privileges and mooing along as the FaceBorg eats the internet.

Don’t say I did not warn you when the Zuckerbook eats your free and open and trust based internet. I will be the drooling old maniac on the corner ranting and raving about the Internet that Was. You will ignore me as you tend to your Farmville status.

UPDATE: For Alan Wolf, by request, place this on your web site today

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  1. I like this, between the like web post and today’s Zuckerbook suck, you’re soon to be understood as a diehard “open” radical —kinda like a socialist on the web, with disastrous ideas of trust, honesty, and a sense of decency. In fact, you are the posterchild for that radical idea of the web, and there is no better time to start salivating madly on your little corner of the web. And also, be sure to save a spot for me in that corner, will you please.

  2. I had exactly the same reaction, CogDog. The first thought was “Add FB pictures to my contacts? Why not?” The second thought after reading that notice was “WTF? I’m sure as hell not giving you all my data and my friends’ data to let you have your way with it!” I completely agree with you; FaceBorg is trying to assimilate everyone, and I intend to continue to resist. I’d like to think privacy isn’t futile. Bark away, CogDog.

  3. Wow bro Awesome post,

    If you think this is bad get a droid model phone and add fb to it, see what happens. It does the same thing but whats worse is it don’t give you the option to decide. It just gobbles up your data. i think thats bad but to me whats even worse is this. It adds all your facebook friends to your contacts on your pretty new smart phone. idk about you guys but why and the hell do i want to have to scroll thru 50 peoples names to find my aunt kay’s phone number to give the old girl a ring. I mean it add’s all there contact info, ( mobile number, email address, home phone, ) What ever your friends have on there fb account to contact them it will be added to your contacts. And you have no choice in the matter if you want fb on your droid phone. I have an htc evo and im pissed about it. The bigger picture here is facebook is a data hungry giant and needs to be put down before it gets to big. privacy my ass. They are getting to big for there pants the governement needs to step in and regulate them.


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