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Results of Unscientific Experiment in Recommendations

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A few days ago, I pushed out an Unscientific Experiment in Recommendations; I asked in three different places (a) this blog; (b) twitter; and (c) Facebook three different requests for reccommendations:

  • I am Looking for a Quality Photo Tripod
  • Adios iPhone / AT&T Hello Android / Verizon? (maybe) – asking for what is best Verizon Android phone for iPhone lover
  • Beach Reading for my vacation to Hawaai

Below is a quick Google spreadsheet with the results. A quick summary:

  • I got the most responses for books (26) followed by the Verizon phone (14), and least for the tripod (5).
  • I got the most responses in twitter (24), followed by Facebook (13), and last was the blog (8)
  • The responses came quickest to twitter

I’m still sorting through the response, which totaled together, is respectable. It’s interesting to compare, as in twitter, its put out to both people I know and dont know, which Facebook only goes to people I know. I’d have to say I got goot book suggestions in all three, though the most weight might be given to the ones in Facebook (mainly from who they are and how they framed their recommendation). Also interesting were a handful of people who sent theirs in twitter as direct messages rather than replies.

So what are my decisions?

  • I’ll be taking a look at the Gitzo tripod, or maybe the Manfrotto- carbon fiber seems to be the best, but woah nelly, these are not cheap! From reviews on Amazon, it really pays to plunk down the bucks for a good tripod. The heads are still a who new realm t research.
  • I’m waiting a bit on a possible Verizon/iPhone announcement, I fear it is just rumor. On retrospect, it is going to be really really hard to give up the iOS experience. I might not jump. But damn, I do want the Verizon network!
  • Books oh my what a gold mine- two were ones I read, and a third is on my iPad. I’m not sure what I will dive into first, I do have one a friend gave my for Christmas, so I will see what I can get on the iPad or at a bookstore once in Hawaii. Or I will take D’Arcy’s advice and spend my time in the water.

Thanks! If I had more time, I’d like to list all the people who responded. But alas, I leave tomorrow, and its late tonight…



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  1. Now do it again today with three different questions. Then tomorrow with three more questions. See how many days it takes you to get down to zero responses (my guess: not long).

  2. I thought I responded but maybe didn’t have a good connection. I second the book recommendations for Moloka’i, Water for Elephants, and the Dragon Tattoo series. You also MUST read The Art of Racing in the Rain!

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