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It was my honor and sheer fun joy to be invited by Mike Caulfield to KKeene State College today to bring a new interation of the Secret Revolution. In fact, Mike and his crew at the CELT had made it the theme of their Faculty Technology Showcase.

I pulled out the stops in this session, adding all new content to the version I had done last summer in Edmonton, and included the “gimmicks” of the computer voice, my “inner techno soul” who talked back to me using the command line generation tool. I added this time the “hacking” of my presentation also including some entity sending tweets out of my account, using the Keynote Tweet app/modification I wrote up that again makes this a viable option for Keynote and twitter.

Slides are posted

And I have an audio recording available as well:

Secret Revolution at Keene State College

I’d write something more prophetic but I am zonked.

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  1. I really enjoyed the ‘inner techno soul’ interplay in your secret revolution presentation. We’ve posted it on our Google site, (I swear we are on the web despite the search results!), and we’ll show it off in the hopes that we get more KSC revolutionaries!

    Thanks again and you’re always welcome at KSC.

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