This one ought to be added to the Amazing Stories of Sharing, all enabled via flickr photosharing.

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by windsordi

Back in December, I posted a photo of some really solid oak that had been split for me (it was like iron)

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

Di, who is among the most prolific of kind commenting in flickr, was a bit horrified at the thought of my burning the wood- as she does creative things with wood, turning them (literally) into pens:

I’m crying right now… as I look at some of the spalting in that gnarly wood, I’m seeing GREAT pen turning opportunities… I’ve added some notes to a couple of the logs… here’s what I’d be doing with them…

Feel like cleaning up a block or two of the wood? (no bark across the border) and I’ll send you back a pen? ;-)

How could I resist that? I don’t want to see a grown creative woman cry! So I picked a log with interesting internal texture, packaged it up, and had it sent o Canada (not, it is not really cheap, but as you see above worth it!)

It’s really worth looking at her set to see how an ordinary log gets made into a beautiful pen.

I am at the Houston airpot now, eager to get back to Strawberry, and hopefully being able to post a photo soon of my new pen.

Thanks, Di! And I still have a lot of that wood saved in the shed.


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  1. For all the talk about “real life and “digital” life and networks and communities and blah, blah, blah, it is stories like this and show us how ultimately human all of this is.

    The fact that one person would mail wood to another so that person could find some joy in making it into a pen and then share the picture again, just shows that there is heart and soul in all of the sharing we do.

    Thanks Alan for reminding us all.

  2. This is an amazing story, and calls to mind various freecycling efforts, the free section of craigslist, etc. As an inveterate packrat, I’m in love with the sequence of events behind this post. Swords to ploughshares? Firewood to pen! (which is mightier than the sword anyhow).

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