It’s beena while since I played with dotSUB, the crowdsource site for translating video captions into other languages. I decided to givre it a play with the video I made last month for 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to tell a story.

I first uploaded the video to dotSub. I thne noticed that it had an option to import a caption file (which I dont have in the proper format). But… I know that YouTube can do a fair job of filling in captions if you can provide it a text version of the script. And I had a script made when I made the movie (I did have to go back and re-edit, a the narrator went off script a lot- that was me).

And YouTube does an okay job, some of the timing is a little off:

But it offers the option to download the caption file… which I could then add to dotSUB, which now should have English captions.

All I need now is for some people to go into dotSUB and translate the captions into other languages (which I have always thought would be a supreme activity for language students).

Give it a whirl, with the version of 50+Ways on dotSUB

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