I remain stumped by thus niggling issue on my iPhone. I ask now, Bug or Feature?

So I come across a YouTube video embedded in a blog:


When I click to view, I am moved to a video player, but there is nothing that let’s me see or share the video URL

It is completely iHidden.

However, when viewed in the YouTube app, found only via some trial and error searching


This player has a bookmark and share icon:

The sharing method is circa 1997- email.

This is rather lane for the company that prides itself on it’s interface. -1 Apple.

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  1. I heartily agree the lack of sharing options on the iPhone video player is frustrating. I’ve wrestled with this too… Best option at this point I’ve found is email to a Posterous blog… But that is only when the email share button is available.

    In general most Apple apps have not been supportive of third part, cloud based sharing. It would be nice if we could install an alternate default video player which supported multiple sharing options, beyond email.

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