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It has been a little over two months since I left the building at the NMC, two months of not working, not getting a paycheck. How is it? If you’ve been around me lately, you know my new favorite theme song.

If you are not a reader of this here blog, then you don’t know the story. If you are affiliated somehow with the NMC, then all you know is that, in an unusual break from my pattern the last 5 years working there, I’ve not blasted you with email nor been part of a webinar nor posted anything on their web sites. Beyond that, my presence is only an absence. I’ll refrain from saying much more, but lest you miss something between the lines, let me say that sometimes taking the high road is a PITA when others decide not to ride with you.

There’s not been a whole lot of inging around here at the CogDogHouse- its been a string of travel, mini projects, and more or less the same old stuff except its all the stuff I pick. The train has been barreling downhill since mid April:

Over the weekend I am loading up a truck load of stuff to take out to my future headquarters in Northern California, and need to back in time to head out June 1-4 to keynote at the ETUG Spring Workshop in what is promised as both “lovely” and “funky” Nelson, BC. I will be doing an all new rendition of Amazing Stories of Openness. In the time listed above, I have been bugging my friends for stories (some can be found now at but I really am eager for me. Why not listen to the call?

And I have an upcoming webinar version of 50+Ways for both Dean Shareski’s class and the PLPNetwork folks.

Oh, and I came up with this really stupid idea to do a digital story every day (yes I am behind, but not apologizing)

But, now the question is…

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After I get back from Canada, all focus should be on getting ready for the Big Trip- my odyssey starts around June 22, the blog action will be right here, the locus at I’ll be updating the map as I go, but the first routes will be up to Colorado, Wyoming/Idaho.

On the drive back last night from the Grand Canyon, along the dark Lake Mary Road (after a close call with elk crossing) Jim Groom helped flesh out a new idea for my trip that I am extremely excited about, that wraps in my interests of storytelling, photography, videography, but going broader than just Amazing Stories. The details are really sketchy (and getting sketchier as the day progresses), but as Jim emphatically said, “THIS is what you quit your job for!”

Okay, it is a cheap shot to toss that out without filling it in, but hey, this is my blog and I can do what I want to do.

Let me just say that this might be the most alive and energized that I have been in a long way. I’m going out on the road soon, and that is going to be fffffffing great.

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  1. Very mysterious stuff – it does sound there as there might have been an element of vision quest in your visit to the Canyon with Jim Groom.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who is wondering what this new “new idea” is for the road trip.

    Perhaps you could give this kid a scoop by talking about it over skype on the #ds106radio one of these days.

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