Recently “on The Twitter”, Scott Leslie rightfully chided me because my web page describing the concept for the StoryBox was long —

Don’t apologize Scott, I like you because you say it like it is, cause you carry the card.

My response was, :”it’s a first draft!” but I had been trying to do something with a layer of complications, trying to set up directories on the pirate box to upload files (which despite the form being simple JavaScript, did not work because of the way the web server uses ports- if I knew anything about python web servers I might be able to figure it out…).

So I re-reorganized the page, putting the technical stuff later, and pushing the question first of what I am asking for- people to share in my time capsule, pieces of digital media that expresses what this time, the “now” means to them. Strip the prompts down to just guidelines.

It’s probably not quite the succinct elevator brevity it ought to be, but I hope it is more clear.

The other thing I wanted to do was create a video to explain it. I did some footage yesterday on my deck with the Canon DSLR, doing it twice- a straight on shot and a sideways one, trying for that 2 shot switching stuff. Check it out

So I have gotten a lot of nice comments and retweets about it- but not much in terms of people sending me stuff. Yes, I AM IMPATIENT! Maybe people think, “He’ll be doing this for 4 months, I have time”. That is true, but I would like to have a good starting collection when I show the PirateBox to people I visit.

Maybe I have Internet Halitosis.

Maybe its just not clear what the bleep I am talking about.


I’ve been adding my own stuff- I can only describe it because the things I ask for should not be in the internet. What I added was:

  • A photo of the Randall House restaurant in Pine, AZ– a place I have met my local friends for breakfast every Saturday for.. 2 years? They know my name there; Michelle brings me out my coffee when I walk in, and usually knows what I like to order. It is a warm place in a small town.
  • A short video clip of the wind blowing my wind chimes and the trees in my back yard. “Now” is a place I enjoy, the peacefulness of my back deck.
  • A short audio recording of a chord riff on my guitar, nothing from any real song, just the one in my head.
  • A short poem about being both near and far enough from the Wallow wild fire in eastern Arizona.

I need your help- the video should say it all, the web page has the details.

I’m counting on you. I need you. Yes, you.

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