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Each week I provide a collection of useful statistics for my road trip… well, useful to me.

  • Number of days on the road: 15
  • Miles Driven: 1568
  • Number of States driven in: 4
  • Money spent on gas: $371.23 (cheapest so far $3.49/gallon in Wyoming)
  • Photos posted: 389
  • Nights Spent in Hotels: 4 (3 for paid work in Golden)
  • Number of rainy nights spent camping: 1
  • Friend Homes Visited: 3 (5 if friends include relatives)
  • Amount of music @pumpkiny gave me on DVD (20 Gb!)
  • Number of Jacobsen Cousins, spouses, kids visited (7 not counting dogs)
  • Number of new dogs met: 9
  • Number of Thunderstorms driven/camped trough (feels like 25)
  • Number of friends known online met for first time: 1 (thanks Nate!)
  • Number of things shared in StoryBox: 97 (where are your contributions?)
  • Number of Storybox Public Appearances: 7
  • Boxes of Pretzels consumed: 1 (could not find a new box in Walmart)

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

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