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C’mon folks, I have been politely asking, nudging, nagging, and frankly, INTERNET YOU ARE LETTING ME DOWN on participating in my StoryBox Project. The imperial gloves are coming off, cause the excuses are poop. I’m out here on the road, going town to town with my open PirateBox, setting up easy ways for you to add even if you do not cross paths with me ( as easy as emailing me an attachment).

Are you all to busy filling in your Google+ circles?

I need your help. I will repeat my plea. I… NEED… YOUR…. HELP!

To be fair, a number of folks (a small number) (a less than digits on two paws number) have stepped up to the plate, and to them, I express my gratitude and vow they will be spared the next rounds of TNT.

To date, what I have collected so far includes:

  • audio recordings: 7
  • documents: 4
  • drawings: 6
  • graphics: 3
  • music: 9
  • photos: 40
  • videos: 12

This is an okay start, but its been 2 weeks now, and I want more, a whole lot more.

You know what you are doing to me?

funny pictures
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Yeah, it is so bad, I am lowering myself to lolcats.

This is not a good sign.

Before I start naming names, I am going to give the open window a bit more time- all of the info on the project and how to participate are at

For some of you, I am coming in person, and am going to knock on your door, turn you upside down, and shake the stories out of you. Others can expect some direct email harassment and twitter shaming. Don’t be tweeting about the project and not tossing me some files.

The gloves are more than off, they are flushed down the toilet.

Please note that this message is 100% tongue in check, I am just doing the regular drum beat in an effort to attract attention.

Please note that the disclaimer above was inserted without my knowledge. There are no tongues in no cheeks; this is going to just keep escalating until I get a full StoryBox.

I want you….

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