(I found another old post, hey is running this blog?)

Note- this is 1000% snarky satire. Place your sarcasm sensors on high….

I typically include pictures of myself in my blog posts. Why? Well doesn’t it explain itself? Why just look at me. I just love looking at me so much, its quite natural the 90,000 daily blog readers I have and 3,677,035 followers I have on twitter feel the same.

But really, I am not here to write about me, it’s all about YOU. Well, it’s about you reading about me, but hey, that’s still YOU, right? Pretty obvious I think.

As many of you know, my consulting fees are not cheap. It’s not easy being me, it’s a HARD job, all the travel and speaking engagements (do you know how LONG that trip is to Davos?) and I can only stretch my talents so far. My clients can tell you they know I am worth it, cause they like having pictures of them with me. Yep.

So I last year, a few other high profile pals of mine and I decided to start a new community just for YOU (I’d drop names, but that might sound pretentious, but, yo Steve! Thanks for the peek at the early prototype). For simply 50 clams a year, you can feel like you are part of our inner circle. It’s great! We congregate online and you share ideas I may honor you by borrowing one day. Heck, with the 3000 of you already on board the Inner Bark Circle, I’m clearing enough to not travel next Tuesday plus I got a new hot tub. And all of you little folks get to bask in my greatness. It’s just great for everyone, especially me.

Why just the other day, I copied and pasted a list of 100 of my best web links for the Inner Barkers. Where else could you get that, eh? It’s quite the investment of my time, but each day I pledge to spend 15 minutes with you because I care about YOU. Isn’t that great?

Obviously even a silly cat can see the value of being part of the circle, so sign up today.

It’s not easy being me, but someone has to.

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