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I marvel that people still get regular use out of a small hack I started back in 2003, when I was first learning about RSS– Feed2JS keeps on humming. It ran a number of years on an Apple XServe in the IT rack at Maricopa Community Colleges as (ugh long URLS). I talked to someone who still works there back in May and Rod said the thing is still on the rack.

Anyhow, some nice folks (Aaron Axelson) lent a hand for years by offering me free hosting at his ISP. They were bought out by a larger fish, and last Friday I got messages asking me what was wrong with the site. Apparently the new owners want to yank the server, and end the free lunch.

Thankfully they were willing to spot me a few days (thanks John!) but I was scrambling a bit last night and today to get something set up. I tried to get something going with the free Amazon EC2 tiers, and quickly showed how little I truly know about servers. That stuff is cryptic.

A tweet from Joss Winn nudged me to where I knew this was going, paying for hosting, but the set up for a cloud server at was easy. And I managed to get a CentOS server up, install Apache and PHP, and get it going. Now I am just waiting for the DNS to spread.

You can tell you have the new site if you see the begging button on the left side of the screen. Yep, I am seeking donations via paypal to support the service (estimated at ~$20/month). If you can help most appreciated- in fact, I’ll make it easier and put the button right below another cute dog photo

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If anyone is interested in sponsoring the site, I could replace the beg button with a gushing and lavish button/link/praise to your soul. Just contact me.

I do hope the performance is good, I may not have chosen the optimal set up in Apache, so if anyone who truly does have the server chops want to help me tune the engine, ditto, contact me.

How can you resist a plea from Cadu (Mickey’s sister)?

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