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Scott Leslie once pined for a conference badge sensor that would light up when a Dust Bunny is in the vicinity. I am sure with some hacking and Arduino skills, this is certainly possible.

But then again, Social Media Dust Bunnies look so happy and smug in their photos on their web sites, so maybe there is something to it. If you desire such status, here are some pointers I have accumulated from careful observation **

  • Be frequent with number dropping your status. “I’m sorry, but with 50,000 twitter followers I cannot respond to everyone”. “I got over 1000 emails a day, I regret that I have an auto responder”
  • Use your own photo/video in at least 3 blog posts per week. After all, why be stingy? You see it every day in the mirror; your readers are not quite so lucky.
  • Bitch about the drain of traveling to DAVOS and TED.
  • Mention the book you wrote on How to be a success at writing a book on being a success.
  • Fake humility smells good.
  • Sell shit that is frely available on the web.

I had more (this was sitting in my drafts pile), but I learned that I was pre-empted- everything you need to become the Top Bunny is at (thanks Scott!). Check it out!

It’s the new web! Full of social sociality!***

* “Dust Bunny” is a euphemism for another word I dont want your Mom to read in a blog post.

** Many of these are based on a real blog I read just to be disgusted by its vanity, as a measure of what I don’t want to become.

*** I am digging the footnote style pioneered by Tom Woodward and executed with beauty by Chris Lott

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  1. Beautiful post! Now the real trick is for those of out there in edublog land to figure out how much “dust bunny” type behavior we have going on with our blogs.

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