I cannot say much more than thanks for the wave of cookie making/sharing that occurred yesterday in honor of my mom (see http://bit.ly/cookielove). I saw activity everywhere from Calgary to Buenos Aires, from Vancouver to Florida, from Portal AZ to London, sharing with dog walkers, roofers, homeless in San Francisco, garage sales in Guelph. There were heart opening sharings of connections to moms, grandmothers, and Aunt Grace’s.

With friends like these, who needs Facebook?

I’ve tried to assemble all of the cookie stories in a storify

If you have other things to share, especially recipes, I have a StoryBox for you.

September 4 was a beautiful day thanks to all of you who baked and/or gave cookies. Do it whenever the mood strikes you. Carry my Mom’s attitude every day, I am trying it myself.

I love #CookieLove

The post "<3 #Cookielove" was originally assembled from spare parts of a 1957 Chevy at CogDogBlog (https://cogdogblog.com/2011/09/love-cookielove/) on September 5, 2011.

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