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Just to prove to Andy Rush that you can publish from storify to your own blog and have all the content there. This was done with the One-click publishing at storify that I connected to my blog.

This is how a business can make a customer feel valued- tweeting back in a way that you know it is a person behind the tweet.

My sister and I were at BWI airport and opted to eat lunch at Phillips Seafood. Growing up in Baltimore and going to Ocean City every year, the old restaurant there had many good memories. It seemed like a natural choice to have lunch at this place inside the Southwest terminal.

So I checked in via Foursquare…

Crab cakes, Hon (@ Phillips Famous Seafood) [pic]:
September 7, 2011
Imagine my surprise when seconds later I got a reply from @Phillips Seafood
@cogdog Yum, crab cakes for lunch! Thanks for coming! Is that a Phillips Amber Ale in that picture, or something more angelic like iced tea?
September 7, 2011
@PhillipsSeafood it’s the amber. I grew up going to the old OC Phillips, first time back in Balto in 3 years. Love crabs
September 7, 2011
@cogdog Good choice! That’s brewed for us by Baltimore’s Clipper City Brewing Co, @HeavySeasBeer. Welcome back home!!
September 7, 2011
@cogdog I see the chaser, but no cakes my friend!
September 7, 2011

@idarknight in process of disappearing, nothing but crab
Photo by cogdog on twitter

@cogdog That looks delicious! And down the hatch in three… two… one!
September 7, 2011

Crab Cakes while flying through BWI? @cogdog is loving them for lunch today-- only a few bites left!
Photo by PhillipsSeafood on twitter

Okay, it is a small acknowledgement and was triggered by someone monitor mentions of a brand- but it is damned effective when a business you use gives back in terms of direct communications.

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  1. A human tweeting in a human way makes all the difference. @HIAairport are good at this, too – helps make it one of the few airports I actually like, rather than merely tolerate or actively loathe.

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