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That photo was from my 2007 trip around Australia; I always thought that pattern in the desert looked like the shape of a dog.

LUcky for me I made the effort a few days ago yo visit Sheryl Nusbaum-Beach, as this was a first time in person meeting. She’s quite the force of energy in many good ways, but good for me in that she offered me a chance to speak at one of her PLP Network events on November 29 in Melbourne, Australia.

This means I have to get home before Thanksgiving so I can leave again 😉

So I am looking at time, cause it is a shame to get a trip all the way there and not spend some time looking around. For sure I will visit my ds106 radio cicada casting friend Rowan Peter in melbourne, but am wondering what else I should do if I were to stay maybe 2 weeks.

I’ve been in the major cities before; I’d sure like to get to see some of the things in the country. Or something adventurous. Maybe someone would be interested in taking a road trip, maybe do a StoryBox segment just for Australia?

I dont know. I’m not really looking to do workshops or presentations ()sounds like WORK). I want to see the country.

Got any ideas? I just need to put out a return date for now so I can book my flights.

But this dog is wagging his tail for getting another chance to go down under.

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