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Hello, @twitter.

A little spam is treatable. Block, report. But it keeps coming back, like pesky roaches.

I agree with @timmmmyboy – why is there not even a little bit of logic applied at the door?

Here is the most easy kind of twitter spam I bet some middle school kids could write the filters for. This nut job tweets some link and uses “via @cogdog” to suggest I had tweeted it:

I mean how hard is it to check against my tweets to know I never posted said link? Badda-boom badda bing, spammer- tweet goes to trash, spammer account goes to dev/null.

But I guess its way too hard.

It’s still a sad annoyance of a trickle. But at the same rate of flow…

And it is programmatically doable. Would it take a super computer?

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Paging @twitter… please help. Maybe you just need some new technology?

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  1. And Google could do something about all of the spam/splog/commentspam accounts.

    And Google could do something to remove the incentive for mouthbreathing roaches to spam in the first place. Gaming the search engine to boost GoogleJuice to bump their ad revenue. Nice. Thanks for providing the whole widget, Google…

  2. I think the problem stems from the open API. There are so many applications, sites, and other means that someone could have shared that via @cogdog without you ever having tweeted it in the first place.

    That’s no defense though, as there typically isn’t for poor human behavior.

  3. I totally agree with you about Twitter spam. But the example you use isn’t a good one:
    > I mean how hard is it to check against my tweets to know I never posted said link?
    If you post, say, this article on your blog, and I tweet it, via @cogdog, then you never tweeted it, but it’s not spam. And I’d be quite annoyed to see it treated as such.

  4. Yeah Stephen i was not fully thinking- some sweets are posted in the via format but it is not necessarily a between.

    so the problem is tougher, but there ought to be.some more intelligent ways to head this off.

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