2012/366/23 The Day the MacBookPro Died
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She went slow and painfully, my MacBookPro. I’m thinking it was Friday in Phoenix, when I inadvertantly forgot to zip the pouch on my backpack, and she fell hard to the concrete.

She worked fine over the weekend. But last night, the beachballs begain floating more and more frequently. I scrambled to do disk repair, permissions fix. It seeme dokay when logged in as another user, so I tried to do a fresh time mahcine backup, but it failed.

Twice. I did manage to copy my documents and a few more directories to a backuyp drive.

The last fail however, was terminal. Now the disk cannot be mounted.

My version of Disk Warrior is out of date, and with only by 2002 old iBook, I cannot burn a new DVD upgrade; I am fairly sure the Warrior can save the day.

So for the next week or more, I am making do with this ancient laptop, my iPad, and iPhone. I am worried about ther loss of my Aperture library (the masters are all stored external), some financial records, some projects in development…. the last time machine backup was (gulp) November 23, 2011.

She’s dead, Jim, she’s dead.

I had thoughts of running down to Phoenix to get a new one but really don’t have time, with all remaining to get done before hitting the road Thursday. So this will be part of the experience, and it’s interesting to try and get things done without the tools I’ve been used to.

My ancient iBook did have the ConnectedFlow Flickr exporter and it still worked!

And at this point there’s not much use in getting all strung out.

But damn…. Why did she have to die?

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