A Sweeeeeeeping Curve

There is no moss on this roving stone. In 30 minutes, me and Red Dog are headed back up this hill on AZ 87 towards Winslow, turning right on I40, and beelining for the East Coast.

A new odyssey.

My destination is Fredericksburg VA, where I am teaching a section of ds106 thanks to the awesome support from Jim Groom, who has been pinch hitting for me in class til I show up Monday. I have been beaming in via Skype, but not all in the vein of Dr Oblivion (I have all my hair and sanity).

Why go? I still have the means, if I choose, to be a bum for another year, but I want to try some new things, like teaching a real class. I am keen to hang out with the DTLT crew if they will spare me a table, cause Tim, Martha, Andy, and Jim do Rick the house. I will also be close to my sisters in Baltimore, and a hop from a favorite spot in Canada.

The truck is almost loaded, including kayak and road bike, and with some sadness, I close up my house in Strawberry, which will wait patiently til I come back down the curve.

The plan is maybe Albuquerque tonight, Oklahoma City Friday (and visit Wes Fryer), then Nashville by Saturday night, and on to Blacksburg Sunday to see Gardner Campbell (and hopefully catch David Carter-Tod for breakfast Monday?). I should get to Freddy by Monday afternoon, and show up for class at 6pm.

Like a rolllllllllllllllllling stone, says Muddy.

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