With more people getting into doing Daily Photo projects, and the soon to be official launch of a related DailyCreate site for ds106, I am reflecting back on why this matters to me, now pretty much into my 5th year of trying to take/post at least one photo per day

I cannot fully explain it, but this part of my day is usually essential for my finding some balance in the day. I can recall many a day on my 2011 road trip where the best relief for stress or blahs was stopping at a random place, and finsing something unique to capture. I swear, I always felt better after taking a few photos, and even more so when I came across a surprise.

One such exampl was the near accidental stumbling into the story of Lake Sherman

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

and finding out nancy White had visited and photographed the same exact obscure spot a month earlier

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by Choconancy1

The best strategy I have found is to dedicate at least some morning time to capture some photos, just in case. Today, I had more time during a long walk, and thought it might be interesting to make a video of my shots with some reflection on what I was thinking (I think) when I took them.

FWIW I made this as a slideshow i aperturen by selecting the photos, and doing “new Slideshow” I set it to 10 seconds per image, that was a little short. Sadly, there is no capability to record audio in Aperture. So I recorded in Audacity, recorded it while letting the slideshow play in preview mode, converted to mp3, tossed into iTunes, and then put it on the Aperture sound track.

I am really drawn to vivid light, and looking at things from different angles, and subtle detail in mundane things like trash.

It really does not matter which project you associate with, moreso that you take on the challenge, and at least post them to your own blog to photo sharing site.

It really does not matter if you miss days, there is no grade for this.

It really does matter if you miss a month (see above).

What matters is that you just do it, that you try new and different things, that you look for the unfamiliar among the familiar, that you even think about things that are not strictly photos. These could be screen shots of your computer, photos of things created in analog form, even turning your scanner into a camera

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog.

It means trying different angles, taking photos by not even looking through the viewfinder, lightpainting… look for many of these and more for what will be at The Daily Create (still under construction)

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  1. @Nancy — don’t procrastinate … it’s really rewarding and a bit of a challenge. I had a couple of year’s off myself but I’m back this year! My plan is to mix it up a bit and try different image making techniques: DSLR, compact digital, iPhone, iPad and web cam. Might even try some digital sketches and screen captures ‘cos Alan say’s that’s OK!

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