Coming Up For Air
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I’ve been pretty knocked flat by a cold I picked up on my flight home last Monday, most noticeably not having much energy to do much photography.

Having suffered twice in the fall (October in DC, and December after Australia), I am convinced my immune system is gone for a sabbatical. My health food friends will likely chide me for my diet. Touché.

For at least the last few mornings, I have slept in until noon or 1pm. I tend to become vertical by mid afternoon, have a resurgence of energy nto the early evening, and then a few rounds of barking cough until collapsing.

I’m in a precarious position of having my previous health insurance lapse in january (contorted state laws prevented my continuation of COBRA coverage from my work at NMC to last only 9 months) and waiting for my new position to become solidified. Believe me, if you lack insurance, I doubt you rail against Obamacare. I want mine now.

All that said, it was worthwhile to venture outside and soak in some sunshine, here along the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg; it seemed fun to play with what was a pretty non interesting picture in Instagram (I have another reason for posting to flickr from there for a future post).

I am hoping to have the view righted and more clear tomorrow.

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