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Dominoe Looking Across Texas, Time, Space…

Dominoe Looking Across Texas
cc licensed (BY) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

Reaching a bit into the past for today’s Daily Create "a photo that represents that happiest or most memorable moment in your life."

As an absolute for "happiest" I find that impossible, so let’s reach into the hat.

Having driven across Texas twice in the last 3 months, I went back to first first Trans-Texas tour, in August 1987, when Dominoe and I drove to Arizona from Baltimore in my 1973 Ford Maverick.

This trip alone was epic for me, a grand aventure, and I had a perfect, non-complaining travel buddy, though she did not do her share of the driving. This is somewhere on US 387 between Dallas and Amarillo.

Dominoe was my first dog I owned on my own, and her story has gone very far with me. Picking happiest is tricky, but this was definitely memorable and rolled around in my mind this year as I went farther on my road odyssey

This was an old print photo (35mm FILM baby) I had scanned into my computer sometime last year, and as far as I recall, has not appeared in my other photos. To give it a memory look, a fiddled with the Paint Daubs filter in Photoshop to make it look more painterly.

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