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I dropped the ball of my slices of life audio reflections– slice 14 here is almost 2 months old! I did get up to slice 20, so ahve some posts back logged, given that my ds106 semester will end this week. But let’s roll it back to late February.

Slices of Life 14- the Coughcast

This was 2 segments, walking to campus in the morning talking about the plans fo a Wednesday class on audio, and then after class, when I literally might be skipping (as in happy) as the activities I had set up seemed to fly well.

This again was February 22, 2012, and there is a bit of my coughing into the mic with a cold coming or already in- “I need me an immune system:. Yet it was an atypical winter sunny day walking into campus.

Tonight’s class plan (see full materials) to start with a rapid prototype challenge- using Audacity to edit a 5 sound story with files they were asked to come to class with, ones downloaded from

This would then flow into them, working on into group projects. A question remained on how to introduce ds106 radio – how to make it relevant? does anyone listen to radio?

They were given assignment to listen to episode of This American Life or RadioLab and to write a blog post analuyzing ther use of audio, especially effects and use of music.

The groups for audi projects would need to be formed tonight, so ideally they could get work done before spring break (in hind sight oops! this did not work well, a few groups fell apart and left the work on others to pick up.)

I had also sent a “depth charge emai”l to one student not doing anything, and noted that on blogging others seemed to be doing hasty work. Coming this week as well was the first round of required mimd term appointments, where I meet individually with students to review their work to date, and to get them to starte thinking about their final project.

— break —
After class… would it be weird to come out of class skipping? class was great, energy was good, maybe the best week ever.

The in class sound story exercise activity worked well, 2 students were done in 15 minutes, but others were so into it, I let them go a bit longer. The beauty is that I gave them thre most minimal of software instructions; they figured out most of the key things in the act of doing audio work.

This only left about 10-15 minute for am overview of ds106 radio- I played bit of Scottlo’s Japan Earthquake live broadcast, as samples of last year’samples of student audio stories, especially an all time favorite, Callaloo

They then did a great job of assembling teams for their audio project, and even tweet out their show idea and plans.

Another highlight was one student who had tweeted getting into listening to This American Life.

Yeah, that’s me skipping off campus like a school kid…

Now a bunch more of slices to go….

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