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It’s not quite the odyssey of last year but I am starting tomorrow on a string of summer travel- my gracious thanks to Jim Groom and the DTLT crew at UMW for their flexibility in letting me roam and work at the same time.

I am of course over the next 10 weeks co-directing Camp Magic Macguffin with Martha Burtis, the online summer class for ds106. I was brought in by the camp’s holding company to bring some sense of stability to the wackiness that went on last year. There will be no head shaving this year.

So here is the plan….

  • May 23-June 14: Vancouver– I am headed there tomorrow, predominantly to spend some time at UBC with Brian Lamb and Novak Rogic’s team to learn more about their successes with the wiki as a community space for UBC, for something to explore at UMW. I am stoked to have 3 weeks in Vancouver, I have never stayed long enough, and hopefully will get to hang out with Bryan Jackson, Jason Toal, Brian and Kiera, Scott Leslie, et al..
  • June 15-June 16: Vancouver Northern Voice 2012, the best fracking conference anywhere. Bring it.
  • June 18-22: Montreal I am flying back to Montreal with Giula and meeting up with the rest of the crew persenting ds106 radio for the ______ (I forget) conference at McGill. I am not part of the conference, but will hang out, and also explore the city (time off here)
  • June 25 – July 1: Fredericksburg Back for a week!
  • July 2 – August 1: Strawberry AZ I am going home to work/teach remotely, tend my yard, and see my Arizona friends, and do a crap load of bike riding.
  • August 9-12 Attending the Unplug’d 2012 retreat – I am hoping I can drive and maybe do some visits on the way up.
  • August 23-27: Calgary I have gr 100 mile bicycle tour with D’Arcy Normanandiose plans of finishing the GranFondo Banff

This little hobo is on the move starting TOMORROW.

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