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As prelude to Northern Voice 2012, today I attended the ScOPE Online Community Enthusiasts meeting, a meeting I got much out of last year. IN her inimitable way, Nancy White shared the sketched agenda by laying on the floor and spinning herself around like a (not) Lazy Nancy– which begged to be GIFed

The meeting once again was valuable for the format, structure, and collection of new people met. We had a compass warm up activity (identifying where we had come from by space in the room,a s well as a human spectragram of where we put ourselves on terms of expertise with online facilitation. An keen observation was made there by nancy about “geting people out of the middle” (where I was clumped).

The discussion groups focused on questions of what makes us tremble and what excites us. The afternoon format was an open space forum style discussion; the first group I was in was lef by Chad Leaman(sp) who had just learned of ds106 radio at last week’s ETUG meeting, and interviewed us via recorder he promised would be played back soon on the radio

My topic came up next, “Have Fun Damnit” and had a fabulous talk about the power of being excited/engaged. D’Arcy Norman hopefully has some visual notes to share, but a highlight was Alyssa from SFY who introduced us (and me beu=ing highly skeptical) to the power of interpretive dance. I am sure the other groups were second guessing their choices!

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

There was a gathering for drinks at Charlies, later dinner at La Casita, followed by en expedition to visit the Vancouver Hack Space where we met the most interesting group of tinerkers making everything from puppets to a giant 3D printer (capable of making bicycle frames).

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They were most welcoming to us, and a contact I had made there via Roland Tanglao let them know we planned to put a dead drop in the alley… which we did.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

It’s listed at the dead drops site, although I keep seeming to manage to munge the geo location

Draggin’ added some extra art to mark the spot

And this was just the warm up for 2 jam filled days (plus a jam night) of Northern Voice… stand back brothers and sisters, we are going to level 5….

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