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I’m in the darkness, literally and figuratively. I started to write a very depressing, whingy, what the beelp and I doing in life post, and frankly, I bored myself. There you go. There I blog.

Really, I have no illumination save the laptop charged up in my truck earlier; I had come to Baltimore Saturday, planning to have some R&R at my sister’s house near the Baltimore airport (she and her husband are off on a sailing adventure); this being a decent stop over before I get on a plane tomorrow to spend some time back at my root center in Strawberry, AZ.

It was Friday night in Fredericksburg out for a later dinner with GNA and Tim, when we witnessed the micro-burst type storm that ripped through as far as I know, northern Virginia and Maryland, maybe more. Driving up Saturday, I found a lot of areas without traffic lights, and had an adventure finding a gas station that had electricity.

What a think tether of civilization we live on defined by electricity. I guess the storm was just as bar od worse in Baltimore, as there was no power at my sister’s place, one of maybe 400,000 homes in the Baltimore area affected (that is about a third of what the local utility serves).

Anyhow, for the last 24 hours, at night I try to keep cool in the basement (it’s pushing 100 degrees F with humidity), in the day, try to hang out in air conditioned public places. There’s no ice to be found and I heard last night while cooling off in a bar that all local hotels in this area are booked.

But in the long run, compared to what people around the world deal with, this is a first world inconvenience. I am wearing that hat.


It’s more than that.

Personally I’ve felt a stretch of wheel spinning and focus unfocussing.

So I look to this blog, my long friend humble CogDogBlog, to be a place for me to wrench some, to dig down to the bone, and find my center and fire again. I’m aiming back to my place of sanctuary, my tiny house in the Arizona Mountains, to tend the small patch of land and also tend the work I am doing, and tend myself.

And get out of the dark.

Of course, a good start would be if BG&E turned the power on right now.

But I should not wait on outside agents, I am looking in myself. Turning on the power…

And just like that, I hear rain falling, and a cool wind blowing in the open screen door to this un-cooled house. A fresh wind, a sign… I will take that to mean something.

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  1. Will you be driving back? If so PLEASE plan to stop & stay at the Fryer’s OKC B&B. :-)

    A few drinks & some sushi specials at Pachinkos can go a long way in chasing the darkness away and bringing light to the shadows.

    Keep the faith, my friend, and keep hanging out at cool places.

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