I’ve been urging my students to give each other more constructive feedback via blog comments; but this idea if challenge, coming form a student, not me, is soemthing I have to get behind:


Ok, Haley, let’s ee if this works. The challenge is to make 7 constructive comments on 7 different blogs in a week, anyone in the ds106 mixes blog, but ideally, our lovely section. What is constructive?

Well, hmm, what is NOT constructive is “cool” “Awesome audio mix” “this is great”.

Constructive is what you’d like to see in terms of feedback yourself, right?- stylistic suggestions, ideas for how it could have been done differently, links to relevant sources elsewhere, tutorial tips, something like you have seen elsewhere.

So here’s what to do to be a part of the challenge:

  • By October 19 (end of the next ds106 assignment stretch), write a blog post that includes links to your minimum of 7 comment links on seven blogs. How do you find the link? It’s the hyperlink on your comment with a date/time stamp:

click to see a great example of a constructive comment

  • Include the text of what you think is your most helpful comment, put it inside a blockquote on your blog post, let is shine/dance/sing to the world.
  • Share the most helpful comment YOU got that week- include the link and the text of it (done in same format as above)
  • Share what the value of this is to you (and don’t BS, be honest)

Why do this? Well, for my ds106 students, remember that participation is 10% of your grade, and commenting is a big part of that. 10%! Can you afford to let that slide on by?


How about this? If you succeed, Haley will draw you a picture:


And I will put this the table- I’ll include you in a cover version of The Magnificent Seven

How much more incentive do you need? (well maybe that last one is a disincentive)

This is open to ANYONE, not just my students, but anybody who can provide helpful comments to seven ds106 participants. All you need to do is… Put a comment here (it does not even need to be constructive) with a link to your post about your own Magnificent Seven comments.

Standard disclaimers apply. Not available in stores. Avoid where prohibited. Batteries Not included. Plastic bags can suffocate.

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  1. Hahah, this is magnificent indeed! :D Can’t wait to see if anybody decides to go the distance for this.

    Also I had an idea for next week’s Comment Challenge: if somebody comments on your blog, you HAVE to comment on theirs! Sharing is Caring, after all.

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