One the about 3,000 exciting things going on with ds106 has been the connecting with the open photography course, phonar from Coventray University in the UK- I am fairly certain we can thank David Kernohan for connecting us to Jonatan Worth et al.

I’d written some about it this past July Impressive MOOCs You Never Hear About and still, as I manage to bleep out now and again, in terms of being an open course that is not really all that MOOC-ish, phonar and ds106 are definitely travelers on the same road

Jonathan and I have been conspiring of ways to connect our classes, hence the video above meant to be introduction to his students to ours in ds106. We are not exactly sure of what we will be doing; as 3rd year students the ones in phonar are certainly at a higher place of photography skill, but I am hoping they can lend some good advice to my students, many of whom are new to photography beyond what the snap on their mobile phones.

But also, and because phonar = photography + narrative and Jonathan is doing much to have his students do audio storytelling, we are hoping to do some cross broadcasting on ds106radio, and I hope to sponge off of the amazing expertise Jonathan brings to his class form his years as the real deal kind of photographer (check out the schedule for their class).

phonar, ds106… we are the anti-MOOCs.

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