cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Stuart`Dootson

I remain a big fan of compfight as my favorite tool for finding creative commons licensed photos from flickr. Just tonight I noticed the interface is updated- previously, clicking one of the small icon results launched the photo in flickr, now you get a preview (at a useful size) and quite a bit more:

(click for full size image)

(click for full size image)

You get direct links to the license, and the available flickr downloads but also a cut and paste attribution code suitable for quick copy/paste. I also would prefer to see the photo title and/or caption, maybe the photographers name larger, it sometimes help me pick or appreciate the image more when I see that info.

I may not use this right now- for my flow, that still means several stops, download image, find it, upload to blog, paste in caption…

What I (now) is click through the image to load the flickr page:

cc dog

and the use of my own flickr cc attribution helper (Chrome extension or userscript) I just have one copy paste to embed in my blog.

Now it gets tricky when one tries to say one tool/approach is better. Mine is quicker, but if that photo every disappears from flickr, my embedded use if it will go away. If I do the download my own copy and upload, well I don’t have to worry about that (but its more steps).

So for the most part, I am willing to risk possible future loss of photos from flickr for the quicker process. But that’s a choice you get to make for yourself, or to change again later. This internet space is not one of fixed and frozen choices, it is always a continent that is drifting on us.

But for me just having bigger previews on compfight is a big gain.

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by freshwater2006

What is more important is that people use creative commons media and give credit, no matter what tool, script, or funny machine they used to get there.

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