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As another open resource for my UMW ds106 students, but open to anyone who is taking on ds106, I am trying a concept of an online open laboratory. Each week I am doing the same assignments I ask of my students, and this is a time I will do them in The Lab, a Google Hangout, and will describe all of the chemicals I am using and how to properly use the bunsen burner things I do as I do them.

If you want to drop in, ask questions, or show me your beakers, come on by. I am aiming to do this 1t 9:00PM EST (check your local time). I will tweet the hangout URL, but you should be able to find the launch pad on my Google+ page at http://bit.ly/cogdogplus.

If you cannot make it or have fears of chemicals, these will be recorded and posted under the Open Lab category.

This Week in the Lab

I will be reviewing the set up of sites in UMW Domains, but mainly spending a chunk of time reviewing working inside of WordPress, getting it structurally sounds, writing posts, embedding media, and doing Daily Creates.

You know you want to be a ds106 scientist, right?

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This itself is a total experiment.

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