CogDog’s Guitar Hello

It’s really late and I need to wake up stupid early, but when I saw Jabiz’s tweet, and his video, and his stack of papers.. I said I’m in.

I blabbed a bot in the video, compeltely leaving out that I live in a tiny town in Arizona called Strawberry (yes its real, look it up) (and I have snow outside my house right now, go figure). I’ve had the chance to hangout and play with Bryan a few times, and always learn alot. And I am going to visit Jabiz in March, so I’m looking forward to strumming his black shiny guitar.

Oh yeah, my real name is Alan Levine and I first found my way onto the web in 1993 and have never left, I hang out at Cya there

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An early 90s builder of the web and blogging Alan Levine barks at on web storytelling (#ds106 #4life), photography, bending WordPress, and serendipity in the infinite internet river. He thinks it's weird to write about himself in the third person.

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