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Learning Project, Syndicated

Riders OF the Storm

Here come the excuses and apologies (zoom). But when I saw Bryan’s tweet about the remix, I could not let it pass by This week in #IntroGuitar: Remixing Assignments talonsrockband.wordpress.com/2014/04/04/rem… cc’ @cogdog @colinjagoe @phb256 @dkernohan @onepercentyello— Bryan Jackson (@bryanjack) April 04, 2014 I’m a long time Doors fan, so when I listened to ColinJagoe’s smooth […]


Wolf Chasing

Free form wandering trying to keep with the Wolves baseline, it’s so easy to fall off the train! I listened to the song omce cause its new to me. This was with some anonymous acoustic that belongs to my girlfriend’s daughter. I kept doing the suspended 4th on the D (one my favorite chord variations) […]


Guitars I Don’t Have

Somehow I managed to do my homework ahead of time, since my intro video included the story of main main guitar, an acoustic I’ve had since age 15. I thought I would turn this inside out and talk about 2 guitars I do not have, since they have stories too. Once in a year or […]


CogDog’s Guitar Hello

It’s really late and I need to wake up stupid early, but when I saw Jabiz’s tweet, and his video, and his stack of papers.. I said I’m in. I blabbed a bot in the video, compeltely leaving out that I live in a tiny town in Arizona called Strawberry (yes its real, look it […]