The excuses for not playing this week are worn thin. While lighting my wood stove, it did not take much of a leap to hear “Light My Fire” in my head, but maybe a more bluesy acoustic version. None of the tabs I found felt right, so I startet varying some of the chords. I really like just running rhythm so I left a wide open patch for someone to riff in some solo or maybe a harmonica (or a tuba?). Or do something about my vocals, please.

The tabs I found had the chorus as Am / F#m plus a few capo options, but I was not liking them, so I just started switching it up- I really like the ringing sound of an Am7 – I tried doing the bar on three strings for the F#m, but found I liked what I think is a D5 – and normal 3 finger triangle D, nut leave the top (E) string open. I was playing with also trilling the 6th string G back on top of it.

So that’s the verse, and what I think is behind the long organ and guitar solos (maybe, I lost track while strumming to the Doors version).

The chorus was fine in the tab I used. G – A – D “Come on Baby Light My Fire” twice. I did a variation on the open G of moving my finger from the 1st string 3rd fret (the high G) to the second string 3rd fret (adding a “D”). I also tossed in the Dsus4 back to D cause it was like the first variation I learned (I think it was Boston “More Than a Feeling”) and it sounds good. The last line switches to G – D- E – E7 (“Try to set the night on FIRE”).

I doodled up a sketch of my own chords used here:


My goals again are to try and find my own variations on songs I like, not just mimic them. Maybe its because I am bad at mimic-ing them! But I like that 2 chord Am7 – D5 riff, it has a maybe Santana-ish feel to it.

And that is my fire in the soundcloud widget 😉 It’s lit.

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