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That Pusher Open String Ringing Sliding Bluesy thing

Originally published by me at Introduction to Guitar » cogdog (see it there)

I’m no David Kernohan but share a little thing I use probably way to much for blues riffs. It’s basically the one from Steppenwolf’s The Pusher

It’d probably still not easy to see the fingers in the video, but I have someone who can show you better.

If you have not seen Soundslice, you gotta go now. What it does is amazing– it uses a lesson from YouTube, but adds a synchronized rolling transcription of the chords and finger picking, so you can stop, slow down, and see the way the parts are played matched to the video.


The title in Soundslice is Acoustic Blues guitar lesson spice up that bluesy playing and he shows you how do to some cool stuff up and down the fretboard “On the Land of A7″.

Way way better than trying to memorize tabs seen in a store!


  1. As soon as learning how to play blues classical guitar, the right off the bat you want to do is learning the essential important techniques for instance bending, vibrato, muting, in addition to sliding strategies.

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