If you watched TV in the mid 1980s you should recall the smarmy commercial for some megacorp that apparently owned more food products than you could name (Airstream, Altoids, Avis, Blue Valley, Butterball, Culligan, Ekrich, Good & Plenty, Hunt’s, Jolly Rancher, Krispy Kreme, La Choy, Meadow Gold, Orville Redenbacher, Peter Pan, Playtex, Reddi Wip, Samsonite, Swiss Miss, Tropicana, Wesson and World Dryer)– Beatrice.

With all the company buying that Pearson seems to be doing (does anyone wonder where they get all the moolah to go on the shopping spree?), it was time to remix them in (no accounting for quality of the singers).

All of the names listed in the video are either acquisitions made by Pearson or investments in other companies (via CrunchBase).

Can anything stop them from buying everything else?

Lesson from the past, Beatrice was itself eventually bought out and disaggregated elsewhere.

That’s how the

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