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Today’s ds106 Daily Create challenge is a writing one based on the brevity of twitter:

Write a story dialogue in 5 half-twits (lines that are 70 characters each)

The Urban Dictionary defines a Half-Twit as “A 70-character message, which is half of Twitter’s 140 character maximum.” Compose your story below, optional to actually tweet them (if you do, include the links to the tweets!)

You can blame me for this one. I came across the definition while looking for something else. It kind of takes the challeng of writing short, and making it twice as hard? Or not.

My story is called Overheard in the Food Court of the Moscow Airport:

Man, I would give my passport up just for a decent hamburger!

You don’t want the bowl of shchi? Yesterday you liked the Shashlyk

How about a foot long hotdog? A slice of bad pizza would be refreshing

Maybe next week my friend you will join me for some Hervido de gallina

I wish that vending machine had Cheetoes. Last time I got Pirozhki

Yes, I was thinking about how bored and trapped Edward Snowden feels being stuck in an airport. While looking for the photo, I ended up on a blog post which suggested he has nothing to complain about — an Iranian man apparently waited 18 years in a Charles de Gaulle airport to get asylum.

But I imagine him wandering the hallways of Sheremtyevo airport, aching for some good junk food.

So I did my careful internet research. On the Wikipedia page for Russian Cuisine I learned about shchi a cabbage soup which has been around Russia for like 1000 years. That is some old cabbage! And Shaslyk is good old meat on a steak, a kebob dish.

Then looking to see what kind of vittles he might get if he can ever hop to Venezuela, the ‘pedia says for that cuisine is Hervido de gallina or Hen soup. Yum.

And for some Russian snacks that might not be so great from a vending machine are Pirozhki or small potato cakes that are stuffed with stuff.

Playing themselves for reals on twitter (maybe) are:

I will never complain again about one measly night spent in an airport

5 lines of 70 character dialogue? So you are like so busy tweeting the singers at the All Star Game that you cannot make up a story of 35o total characters max? Sigh, Hulka is gonna chew you up and down. You better eat that peanut butter sandwich you hid in the footlocker.

I know 105 of you just looked at that video. That means like 90 of you decided to ignore the challenge. Well done.

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  1. All this daily creativity is paying off–this is hideously funny!
    I see you no longer subscribe to Mind on Fire, but I know you’ve been purging your Google Reader, or it’s been purging you, and that no doubt accounts for it…

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