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In today’s ds106 Daily Create Challenge, we take up the writing pen and the memory box.

Describe a recurring dream you had as a kid. Give an update as if the dream comes back.

My mind leaped back to one… about trains.

My memory fails if this was a dream or something I imagined/visualized. I remember this recurring dreamlike experience of watching my bedroom wall i the dark, and seeing a huge network of trains in trestles, bridges, on the edge of mountains, going in all kinds of motion. The scene would be chaotic but moving, as if it were orchestrated.

The more I stared at it, the more abstract it looked, and then bad thing started to happen, trains falling off of tracks, going in the wrong direction, just utter bedlam. I felt if I concentrated hard enough on everything, just by thinking good, rational thoughts, the system would return to stability, but it always moved to a state of more chaos, beyond mine if anyone else’s control.

Kind of grim? I cannot say I have had this dream in a kong long time. Maybe it’s a response to a recent cross country train trip?

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If I were to play some psychology Mumbo Jumbo, I’d say I was projecting a time like now where I try to keep a lot of things going, but have to accept they are ones that cannot be managed by control.

Either that, or I should not travel by train.

Too bad, I like the train.

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