Ugh. I admit I was not crazy about today’s ds106 Daily Create, a video challenge:

Video yourself singing a verse of your national anthem as fast as you can.

Thanks Bill Smith, cannot wait to see YOUR video! Someone who’s identity I will protect emailed me and yelled “Nooooo! I ain’t gonna do it!”

I understand.

But… the whole point of the Daily Create is to challenge yourself to try something you might not do on your own. It’s not just to pick the things you know how to do. So in this case, with an odd sort of challenge, you have choices:

  • Bail.
  • Do it literally.
  • Interpret it some other way, like the opposite.

As an open participant, remember– you are not getting graded! No one will punish you if you rewrite the challenge in some way that is more interesting to you.

So for mine, I thought… it does not say it has to be the US national anthem… After all, ds106 is like its own nation state, we even have an International Treaty, as curated by Todd Conaway, and right there, on page two, is the anthem:

ah, Page Two

The new international anthem shall be sung by Neil Young and the words shall be original and not copied kinda like from some other song lyrics (except if said song is “Hey Hey My My” by Neil Young & Crazy Horse)

(Bava Bava) Hey Hey My My
DS106 is here to stay
It’s better to freak out
Than to fade away
this is the story of Johnny Rotten (Jim Groomotin, Jim Groomotin)
eduunk is gone, but not forgotten
Hey Hey My My
DS106 will never die

Cuz once yer gone you can never be read added to the blog roll
This is the story of the Jim Grooomiten (Jim Grooomiten sung with weird vibrato and distant echo, like yer scared)

(unless Neil is busy. Then we’ll try for Justin Bieber any Canadian, and the words shall be simply “YAY DS106 YAY YAY YAY!”) Depending on the ceremony and allotted time, the wearing of horned-rimmed glasses will be recommended for audience and singers alike.

Thats pretty straight forward. I started with a blank iMovie project. And stared at it for a while. I decided to toss some miscellaneous ds106 graphics on the timeline. Then it came as an idea to see of there was an instrumental version of Neil young’s Hey Hey My My– even better a midi version is out there that makes it sound more bizarre (I had to open it in QuickTime player Pro and convert it to AIFF so iMovie could import it.

I then made my video recording right in iMovie, using a tie dye effect with the iGlasses app that gives my MacBookPro web cam special effects. I lacked the proper “horned-rimmed glasses” so just used sun glasses (treaty violation, sorry). I had to read/yell it. I just did it a tad fast, but not sped up in the editor. Then i was a matter of adjusting timing, making credits, etc.

That one took a bit more, a little over an hour. I had no firm plan except t use the treaty, so it unfolded as I edited (it shows, right?)

It’s called a challenge because its supposed to make us stretch! Now get out on the field here and do your stretches!

Of course, there is but one more day in this July Daily Create challenge… but Thursday is another month! Do your own!

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  1. There is a fourth option: Take time out of your busy schedule to rejoice in other people’s creativity. Just over a minutes of lighthearted smiling to get my day started. And more toys to add to my list to play…how many lifetimes will #HDS106 take? Iglasses sounds fun.

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