I am running string for the ds106 Daily Create Summer Challenge- I’m gonna do every day! Today’s was a video challenge:

Multitask! Make a video of you doing three or more tasks at the same time.

As a note, our Daily Create site has not been able to reliably aggregate videos by Tag because apparently Google has decided to not support search by tag anymore in video, so we suggest putting the tag in your video title (ideas are underway to change the way we collect daily create responses, but that’s not relevant today).

Si while in the hammock (Task 1), I am reading at the same time in paper form Alone Together (task 2-starting ahead for the ds106 Book Club), also in paper, Super Sad True Love Story (Task 3- Gary Shteyngart’s book he shared at the Baruch College Communications Symposium last May), and on the iPad Cory Doctorow’s For the Win (task 4). And, while doing all this I managed to tweet at the same time (Task 5)

In addition, I am celebrating Independence Day (Task 6, Easy Street Wheat Beer).

That is 6 TASKS, DOUBLE THE CHALLENGE! That’s how we do it the ds106 way, the minimum is boring. Maybe Dean Shareski might create ONE Daily Create this month for ds106? Has he ever done one? The gauntlet has been thrown, yet he ignores it in lieu of tweeting about his pants or naps.

I filmed this on my iPhone, held between my knees and edited in iMovie on the iPhone. iWow. iAm iLike iSo iCool.

We were picking up responses for the Daily Create Summer CHallenge, a peak of 10 so far (Sergeant Hulka thinks this is puny), but I expect many will fall short on video. People grow weak at the knees over doing video. Be strong. Be creative.

Are you ready to create something every day this month?

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