Actually I don’t like Facebook. There’s just not a button for that, which seems to break some cosmic physical law of conservation of emotions. I think likes are cheap not unimportant, but pretty close. If it were so real, why do we wrap the now meaning less words in quotes?

But some nights, in bed trying to nod off to sleep, I just scan facebook on my iPhone to see what other people are so busy doing in there. I’m pretty much a Facebook Lurker. I was amused when I saw a message from Tim Owens (is it even worth linking to a facebook URL, nah, BLEEP your silos). Tim is so funny.

tim facebook

No Facebook I actually don’t want to tag people in their own photos. That’s a special level of OCD and probably borderline inappropriate.

It kind of reminded me of one of the most banal bits of Facebookiness.

Liking a comment.

Seriously? If You like what someone says, tell them so. In a comment. I could not help myself–

It’s right up there with Liking a Comment.

which led to a silly spree of liking every comment in that thread, including my own.

What kind of idiot likes their own comments? Someone on Facebook! Me.

So I had a thought. What if I “liked” everything I could in my Facebook stream? I could do a lot of clicks in an hour, maybe 1000-2000? What if other people did?

And here is my rhetorical question- if Everyone Liked Everything Does Liking Mean Anything? Therefore, I am starting my campaign- #LikeEverything

like everything

I would like to see a huge meme-like response, to which it causes ripples and waves in the fabric fo all that data Facebook is sucking from you to funnel to its ad stream. Of course, like everything I start, I will eb the only one to jump on the bandwagon.

I like that.

Go ahead, get in Facebook and do/say I #LikeEverything

Now here is someone who truly expresses the sentiment of liking something (trains in this case!)

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  1. I’ll do this duo with you anytime:This is ulikne drupal, where after a year I am still trying to figure out just how the heck it works and manages information. Its still a grey murky, opaque blue gumdrop box. I am trying to summon the drupal love, and it aint happening.I love it when the big dog barks the same tune is me, makes me feel I am not so outnumbered by those Drupal droids. More seriously, that FAQ-tastic hack is awesome, I am going to play with that shortly. This is an amazing write-up, and as Tom said above, as are working on a similar site right now, and will take much from this amazing resource. As always, you’re a stud when it comes to sharing all you have done. Especially since you can actually hack with style, I have none of your programming chops, but still seem to yell far louder most of the time. But with quiet certitude you remain the Babe Ruth of our generation!

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