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Flickr Fridge Magnets From Russia

Flickr Fridge Magnets From Russia
cc licensed (BY) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

Quite a while ago i was contacted by someone from a company that makes fridge magnets asking permission to use the photos– and today I got my free samples in the mail.

I think (need to check) that they have attribution in their catalog (there is none on the item, but also not even the company name). And yes, SOMEONE IS MAKING MONEY FROM MY PHOTOS“¦ and I don’t care. I was not going to do this myself… why not?

I expect Stephen Downes will point out my fallacy, but, hey I got magnets.

Let’s see here are the links they sent me…………


It’s sort of an odd set of choices IMHO, None of these are really among my favorites.

It’s just fun to say I got flickr fridge magnets from Russia.

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