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If you have been under a rock, buried in email, or not paying attention, a core group of renegade devoted headless ds106ers are pursing art, information, and history of the mysterious and poorly understood GIFaChrome camera.

You can find the most current information at http://gifachrome.com/. I have been in contact today with an operative only known to me as “BB” who has managed to sneak his way inside the laboratory (it is too dangerous to reveal the exact location, we believe it might be Armenia or Bulgaria), to at least get us a snapshot of the plans for a new model, the GIFaChrome 300cx, perhaps the most advanced model yet.


As far as our leads and research indicates the core functionality of this new camera is the same, but might have some enhanced #D or infrared capabilities. BB was able to steal a schematic diagram for the 300cx.


The exactly technology behind this eludes us, but we have some of the top people on the case.

Maybe you can help- if you can identify any of these parts or their sources, or any related information, please contact me below.

More news later. BB has promised more photos once he gets to his safe house

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