Infrared 900 GIFaChrome

Not only has stealth agent “BB” been able to produce a schematic evidence of a new GIFaChrome camera, he now produces something so startling in its power, you are likely to doubt its veracity. Or something like that.

From what we can understand, a new time tunnling high speed Infrared film (GIFaChrome IR900) inside an internet mounted camera, can detect when someone visits the GiFaChrome web site, and then through the site, is able to capture an image from that person’s past.

I know how impossible that sounds. But you ought to believe the improbable.

We know of course that Rochelle has been spending a lot of time (a whole lot of time) staring at the GIFaChrome site, and so it is no surprise that GIFaChrome IT900 film captures her image as a young 18 years old private in Fort McClellan, AL (it did not capture any evidence of her sharpshooting…)


Apparently, a sophisticated set of HTML7 codes, embedded within the blank spaces of the WordPress header.php file triggers a signal to the web mounted camera, producing the image as you can see.

You will note that this film is the ultimate form of open, it bears the “Creative Commons CopyLeft” symbol. Given its nature, as you can see the image is highly volatile.

Again, thanks to agent “BB” for bringing us this ground breaking evidence of new GIFaChrome technology. We await word when we might be able to get a better idea about what this camera can do– but it definitely has an ability to photograph back in time. We are not sure if the film is reverse loaded it it might peer into the future.

More GIFaChrome news later.

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