Friday the 13th. Forget Jason. It’s a ds106 GIFaChrome Launch / Headless Campfire Jamboree

It’s almost here; a double headed blow out event that brings together 2 strands of Headless ds106 together. It’s a GIFtastic camera and a campfire! And we burn some old media!


You can tune into these LIVE on ds106 Radio.

GAC Launch

The emergence of the GIFaChrome phenomena and its interest amount ds106ers has enabled us to be part of a major product announcement; rumors are it is a new camera model. Join us December 13 at 11AM PST / 7:00 PM GMT (check for local time).

You can expect the announcement about the new camera, some interviews with lead engineer John Johnston, endorsements from GIFaChrome users, live parry music from the Inkspots, and a few more surprises. See the event listing on Google Plus and look for hangout and broadcast links in the Twitter.

There is a lot going on, and we may run over the schedule, but the campfire will happen shortly after.

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Giulia Forsythe

Join us around the digital campfire on December 13 at 12P PST / 8:00 PM GMT (check for local time) when we celebrate the ending (not that it ends) of headless ds106. Come ready to share stories of your nest moments and those of others. If you have works you would like to highlight, tweet a link out and tag them #ds106headlessbest.

You know you want to swim at Camp Crystal Lake.

And yes, these will be archived.

Maybe. Just show up.

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