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This is most likely the last feature I add to the WordPress DS106 Assignment Bank Theme. If you have been crawled under someone else’s blog, this is something I have been working on forever to generate a site like the ds106 Assignment Bank.

In a demo for some folks from the National Writing Project, Karen Fasimpaur threw out a wish for options to enable people who add “things” to the bank to be able to attach a Creative Commons license (or none). “That’s a great idea, and should be easy” were words I believe came out of my mouth. I have it working in the demo site at

On the admin side, there is a new set of options:

cc license ootions

You can have none of this by selection the “none” option. The second one allows the site owner to have a single license applied to any thing created on the site, and the licensed used is the one chosen from the menu below it.

This creates a license statement like:

cc by

And when you go to add a “thing” to the site, you will see that this license will apply:

cc mode all

But the use case Karen was interested in was where the person who uploads gets to choose, that is the third option. In this case the form for adding a thing has a drop down menu to choose (and yes, one of them is All Rights Reserved, Karen said that is a desire on their site)

license options

Now thats a long list. I hoped I could set up an options screen to allow you to select which ones appear, but in the interest of time, I am leaving this for later. One could always restrict the licenses that appear on the menu by editing the function that generates it

commenting out the unwanted ones to make it, say

If copyighted is allowed, the display goes something like:


It was not too terrible complicated to add this… but its time to wrap it up and let some others give it a spin. The last remaining task is to write up the documentation. There are some CDD nibbles and quirks to smooth out.

I wonder if anyone will ever use it… but that does not matter because I have learned a ton in developing this site.

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  1. Alan:

    Thanks for doing this.
    I hope it does get used widely. Certainly it makes terms associated with reuse of DS106 Assignment Bank contributions clearer.
    Awesome job developing the site.
    Hope to see you at events over the coming year.

    Paul Stacey
    Associate Director of Global Learning
    Creative Commons

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