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Look! Alan and Darren Are Talking About 50 Ways Gone Mobile

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Off and on since the start of the year, Darren Kuropatwa and I have been meeting via video chat (we love as we work on an expansion of the original 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story to include mobile story creation apps. I’ve written up already what we’ve done and the idea.

It’s still formulating… err percolating… err fermenting… errr processing. But we’ve had in mind to run some online open happenings (probably as Google Hangouts). While we thought we might have something more formal to organize, we thought, “What the sheep” why not just extend the conversations we have been doing to a larger group?

So you are welcome to join us April 22, 6PM PST / 9PM EST (check your local time) to see where this project should go. My own ideas:

  • We definitely need to ramp up the collection for more Android apps
  • What is the affordance gain by creating stories on a mobile platform? Does it really produce something that leverages what the mobile offers? Heck, is this worth the effort?
  • In our project so far, there has been an interesting impact for Darren as he has been telling my Dominoe story as the standard example. The approach of “re-telling” interests me as the aim is not to do a carbon copy, but explore and find your voice within someone else’s story.
  • We’d like to get more people trying out the ones we have and adding examples to the new designed submission form (currently on the mobile tools only)
  • I honestly have some question about the focus on the list of apps/tools. There are more than enough “TOP XX APPS FOR ZZZZZZ” floating out there. In my last workshop at Skidmore College, we spent the whole time on the story development, and I saw no disappointment that we did not get to the tools.
  • That said, my position on the web tools has always been, “These are interesting to experiment, but there are very few I might reach for to produce something I need to have done. But I am seeing now a few apps Storehouse, TouchCast that are ones I would use for something more than “experimenting”

Our idea was to have it as an open conversation. So we are. It will be in Google Hangout, and there will be info posted to the 50 Ways Google Community.

What happens when we try to balance the mobile platform?

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by nao-cha

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