Yeah, those free web services that give you so much if you give them your content. A salute to 35 Dead Web Services. I could have added many kore, but I got tired.

Who knows where the idea came from? Maybe it was some media making tool someone tweeted named after nuts. And I got the Queen song stuck in my mind.

But I did not want to deal with Content ID, so I started looking for midi versions of the song, and found this awesome clip- the animation on the display looks like tetris.

I decided to ask for help compiling a list of the dead

Other sources that helped include:

The Wayback machine was indispensable in getting pre-death screenshots of the sites

I assembled it in iMovie, using the screen shots in a cutaway track over the keyboard. If you set the crop mode to Fit to Crop, you can apply a bit of transparency. I had grand plans to tightly sync the screens to the beat, and to mix up all the screens. That go really tedious, so I ended up doing some copy paste and some nudging of the overlays.


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  1. Great little project and a pretty interesting list. I’m definitely going to use this with my students this semester as we move to the ‘domain of one’s own’ portion of CT101 this semester. It definitely will do a good job reminding students when they use services such as Wix. They are so often seduced by the nice easy to use themes. But this little case history hopefully will help them do so with eyes wide open. It’s going to definitely go the way of the dinosaurs.

  2. Kewl!
    But I don’t quite understand what you mean by, “assembled it in iMovie, using the screen shots in a cutaway track over the keyboard. If you set the crop mode to Fit to Crop, you can apply a bit of transparency.”
    I am an iMovie user, but none of this quite makes sense to me. Can you ‘splain?

    1. It was 2am and I was tired. It’s a technique I’ve explained several times in my Making of series for the You Show movies

      You drag the images in and place them above the video track. This is the overlay track. Click the “crop tool”, which be default is the stupid Ken Burns, and click the middle button. This lets your crop the image and change opacity for how the top track covers the bottom.

      I’ve really learned a lot of tricks using this top track, green screen, using transparent pngs, and picture in picture effects.

  3. LOvely effect! & great concept

    Synaesthesia is the programme that created the underlying film. It’s a midi player the people use to learn how to play keyboards. Playing back a midi file, slowing it down and watching where to put their fingers…

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