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This is what the factory system of schools produces

I’ve been thinking of starting a blog, but have hesitated because who really wants to read what goes on in my head and in my classroom?

Or maybe not just schools, maybe its society. When teachers pop out of university system, sent on a mission to shape young minds, the factory products have been stamped with an internal message that what’s in their own mind is not of interest.

Kevin Honeycut retweeted a message from a teacher I guess was in one of his recent sessions:

Emeri was listening, so in her first post There’s a Place For Us, she writes

I attended a mind blowing talk with Kevin Honeycutt last week and he made a very convincing point about teachers telling our stories. I’ve been thinking of starting a blog, but have hesitated because who really wants to read what goes on in my head and in my classroom? Kevin really made me think: if I don’t put it out there, no one can read it. And if I do just go for it and start posting, maybe, just maybe, someone will come across it and find something of use or some inspiration on a tough day.

I peeked at the post. That sentence really stuck out to me- how does our educational system complete its task with someone coming out thinking their ideas are not worth reading about?

I looked at that post. It had 3 recommends on Google+ and zero comments.

Someone had to change that.

So try this. Let Miss Keffer know that her ideas are worth reading.

Turn this thing around.

Heck, maybe you have something to write in your own blog today.

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  1. A very good idea, dog.

    I think a good deal of this reticence stems for a near-century of broadcast media experience. That experience is declining, but still has a powerful hold on imaginations.

    1. Yes I could tell that reading between the lines of your posts. I was not directing a criticism of you per se, but I have seen over and over again how educators talk abut the virtue of sharing, and yet stop at sharing their own stuff, whether its an issue of questioning value, or not thinking there is an audience, or wearing the impostor syndrome.

      Your blog is off and rolling, keep it in motion. You maybe be surprised what happens. I have seen many stories.

  2. Heck. Maybe I DID have something to say on my blog today. But so did she, and she has now been thoroughly love bombed. “For we are the only Love Gods!” That’s Shakespeare, Dood.

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