Beyond a few postcards, I was prepared to leave the quirky little Area 51 themed cafe in Nevada without any UFO or alien shlock.

Then I glanced on the shelf and spotted a CD – Kenny Texeira’s “Groom Lake” labeled as “The official Rock ‘n Roll song about Area 51”. I am quite sure the secret government agencies that house all the captured aliens do provide official sanctions on music.

But I could not resist picking up a copy in honor of a blogging dude named Groom, though paying $7 for a CD with a single track on it is as much a monetary abduction as any.

The musician is apparently a session dude from LA and not heavily invested in the paranormal. Let’s hope he is not invested in legal takedowns of his music.

Sing along with Kenny:

Motion sensors buried in the sand
Invisible lasers bordering the land
A sonic boom from above
Mushroom clouds forming from the dust.

There’s no excuses, but it’s no surprise
How the government can issue all those lies
45 years ago, the desert of New Mexico
How long will the truth take, oh, in Groom Lake.

ET highway is route 375
Paranormal visits lighting up the sky
The Cammo dudes are out in force
The Janet Jets will never change it’s course.

Emigrant Valley, had no idea
A Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel would appear
Aviation frequencies, Classified, you cannot see
How long will the truth take.

Groom Lake, They hold the keys to the future
Why don’t they understand
Groom Lake, We must explore into the future
It’s time we had a say.

Solid gold.

Groom Lake is actually a dried lake, a salt flat in south central Nevada located south of US Highway 375- it is used as a runway for bombers at the Nellis Bombing Range Test Site. It is near the Groom Range Mountains, where gold and silver was discovered in the 1860s, named after the Groome Lead Mines Limited company that financed some of the mining operations.

It’s also the name of a movie starring William Shatner, among his “finest” work.

This precious CD is soon to be mailed to a Groom in Fredericksburg, Virginia. How long will the truth take, the truth at Groom Lake?

Top/Featured Image Credit: cc licensed (BY-SA) flickr photo by cogdogblog:

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  1. That final stanza is the key to the future. It’s a visionary quatrain the government has been trying to suppress for decades, but this Groom Lake of Knowledge will not be drained!

    Groom Lake, They hold the keys to the future
    Why don’t they understand
    Groom Lake, We must explore into the future
    It’s time we had a say.

    I can’t wait to receive this gem, I’m a very big fan!

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