Just try to say that any number of times fast.

I have coined what Jon Udell described as a single grain of sand on the internet beach.


Yes, anyone can invent make up a word. But the idea (I think) Jon was trying to illustrate in that 2012 class visit to Virginia Tech, is the notion of a URL being a living thing. The web is not a stack of index cards or dots on a graph; the URL https://www.google.com/search?q=futzopublicus at the time of the screenshot above was a google lost black sock.

But, by the sheer act of stating its existence on the web (mine via a tweet), it is changed


And in my act of blogging, it should change again.

I should note that that first appearance in google is not the best search result, it links to my twitter timeline http://twitter.com/cogdog a URL which of course changes at a ridiculous place.

It makes one wonder why/how google and twitter get along in the web crawl cycle, why did the single tweet not show up?

Isn’t that a more accurate search result? Is google’s crawler at fault? Is twitter putting some obstacles at crawling?

It’s a silly exercise at first, but the brilliance is the questions it spawns.

This as one of the UDG Agora Daily Try activities, fleshing out some stuff for an upcoming workshop series in Guadalajara Mexico- I am using my Daily Blank WordPress theme to create a site that works like the DS106 Daily Create but submissions are done via twitter.

But wait! I have not explained what Futzopublicus means. I was inspired by experiencing my computer hanging in a spinning beach ball cycle of doom during my keynote at the CALI conference.

This was in fact a fabulous part of my presentation, and opportunity to show the time honored DS106 tradition of messing up (aka “futzing”) in public- Futzopublicus.

So do be a favor, see how we can change the distribution of sand grains, use “Futzopublicus” online now.

Top / featured image credit flickr photo by cogdogblog http://flickr.com/photos/cogdog/17259819956 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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